NEW MUSIC: Tim Kasher Goes Solo

Courtesy of Saddle Creek

You might know Tim Kasher as the lead singer of indie/post-hardcore band Cursive, who has been putting out albums on the Omaha-based Saddle Creek label since the label’s debut in the mid-1990s. You might also know Tim Kasher as the lead singer of The Good Life, also on the Saddle Creek label, which began as a solo-project for Kasher to branch out into a folk-rock genre that didn’t quite fit with Cursive’s established sound. However, come October 5, you might know Tim Kasher as, well, Tim Kasher, solo artist.

With two separate bands with completely different sounds, what else does Kasher have to explore? “Cold Love,” the first single off of the upcoming album “The Sound of Monogamy,” was released earlier this week as a free download, and proves just how much more Kasher has to give. The song lyrically resembles a Cursive refrain, with fears of getting old and lost relationships, but the catchy chorus is more in tune with something from The Good Life. Overall, the song has a new feel to it, so perhaps the Saddle Creek superstar still has another band or two left in him.


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