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Chromeo: Don’t Turn The Light On (Video)

Going crazy waiting for Chromeo’s highly anticipated Business Casual? Check out the video for their Hall & Oates channeling single, “Don’t Turn The Lights On”, right here.


Kanye West: Portrait of Power

Incase you missed this earlier today (what, are you not following Kanye’s tweets?), get on it. Get your mind blown. Kanye insists it’s not a music video, but a moving painting, and you know what? He’s right.

Watch Kanye West’s Portrait of Power


The-Dream: Trilogy (Video)

A wise man named Dr. Steve Brule once said, “You can’t kiss a beautiful girl and have a cool uncle.” This applies to all aspects of life. For instance, you can’t be a brilliant singer/songwriter and producer and dance. Looks like The-Dream may not have come to terms with Dr. Brule’s “rule”, judging by whatever he’s trying to do in the first part of this “Trilogy” video.

You can’t really complain, though, as musically he’s doing his best Prince impression (which is a very good impression) via “Yamaha,” which then bleeds into “Nikki Pt.2” and the “Cry Me A River” cribbing “Abyss” (complete with crying/watery imagery). Just listen to the jams, folks, and be happy he’s serving ’em up!

But really – you don’t see Yeezy pretending he can dance after that “Gold Digger” video, do you? He already has a cool uncle, and he knows it.

Wait a minute, Dream, WTF is going on with that girl in the shower? #creepedout


Buraka Som Sistema: Buffalo Stance

It occurs to me that I haven’t posted this video yet. I thought really hard about doing it last week, but, as it turns out, that doesn’t actually accomplish anything. This video is like spraying lemon juice in your eyes (in a good way).

I should probably mention that this came from a weird 50th anniversary project for Dr. Martens footwear, which features some other interesting covers by folks like The Noisettes and DāM-FunK. It’s still ongoing, with new releases slated for the coming weeks.


Vampire Weekend: Holiday (Video)

The star-studded video for “Giving Up The Gun” was fun and all, but this new video for “Holiday” is flat-out hilarious. Considering the context (ie. people thinking that Vampire Weekend are a bunch of rich, spoiled ivy-league brats), having the band run around town dressed like French royalty circa 1700 is nothing short of brilliant. Take that, haters!

Watch the new video at MTV.


Los Rakas: Soy Raka (Video)

Bay Area dudes Los Rakas are back with this video for “Soy Raka.” Ready for summer yet? After watching this, YOU WILL BE. Get it, Rakas!

See Also: Fuego En Mi Cuerpo (for further research)

Or just watch some videos of people turfin’ on YouTube.


Kele: Tenderoni (Video)

I know “Banquet” was crazy and all that, but am I the only one who thought Bloc Party’s most recent album, Intimacy, was also their most interesting? It still stuck fairly close to the BP formula, but featured some wild experiments like the spazzy, horn-stab filled “Mercury.” If you want to see Bloc Party frontman Kele straying further outside that mid ’00s dance-punk sound, check out the video for his new single, “Tenderoni,” from the forthcoming The Boxer LP.

When you first start listening to the Hudson Mohawke and XXXchange produced affair you will probably find yourself saying, “I see where this is going,” but don’t be fooled. By the time it reaches the chorus, it explodes with raw, wall-to-wall power and insane pitch-shifted vocals that might make you rethink your initial assessment. Despite the signs that the blog-house scene as we know it is crumbling (or, at the very least, evolving) before our very eyes, Kele and friends manage to make a solid jam that, despite its ’90s throwback sonics, doesn’t feel the least bit dated.

Oh, and them glowing outfits (someone watched Kanye’s “Love Lockdown” vid, or, like, Tron) is real purty, plus you get to see a shirtless Kele punch the hell out of some air in slo-mo. Win win.


The Happy Hollows: Big Bad Wolf

Like the song? The Happy Hollows have posted the track, along with “My Wet Tongue,” on their bandcamp as a digital EP called Spells B-Sides. Pay what you want (ie. between zero and infinity dollars) for the download.

Big Bad Wolf by The Happy Hollows