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A Thanksgiving solution for the most devout cupcake lover

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Raise your hand if this scenario applies to you: it’s Thanksgiving and you’re at the dining room table with your entire family. You just finished digesting all of your turkey and mashed potatoes. It’s almost time to fully enter your food coma. All that’s missing is the final stage: desert. Yet, you sense a weird feeling of dread as you watch the table fill with lumpy pies and gelatin molds that hold captive helpless bits of nondescript…fruit, maybe? Desert is supposed to be the best part of the meal, yet where is the literal icing on your cake?!

Lucky for you, the kind people at innovative blog have created a solution to satisfy both the sweetest tooth and Thanksgiving enthusiasts. Behold – Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes. These treats hold pumpkin pie filling within a traditional vanilla cupcake, topped off with a generous heaping of cinnamon cream-cheese frosting. Pie-filled cupcakes? I think we can all give thanks for that. While you’re checking out the recipe, feel free to take a look at some of their other cupcake-filled suggestions, as well. Nutella-filled cupcakes? Yes please!