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Vampire Weekend: Holiday (Video)

The star-studded video for “Giving Up The Gun” was fun and all, but this new video for “Holiday” is flat-out hilarious. Considering the context (ie. people thinking that Vampire Weekend are a bunch of rich, spoiled ivy-league brats), having the band run around town dressed like French royalty circa 1700 is nothing short of brilliant. Take that, haters!

Watch the new video at MTV.


He’s SO Gorgeous!

I can’t hide it: I love Gregory Gorgeous! He’s got legions of followers (nearly 50,000 subscribers on YouTube!), killer confidence, and homeboy can ROCK some stilettos. And he’s one bad (…watch your mouth!)

He emerged on YouTube ( sharing make-up tutorials and giving advice, but these days you can catch him as a guest correspondent on MTV’s “The After Show”.

He’s a star to watch and he shared his secrets to success with us! See the exclusive interview in the new issue of Sundae Magazine on June 1st at!

Until then, check out some behind-the-scenes bloopers from his video homage to Lady Gaga’s “Speechless”.

It ain’t easy being gorgeous…

Daria Arrives on DVD

Hey MTV, thanks for finally releasing the complete series of Daria on DVD. This is, in all serious, a momentous occasion and a glorious gift unto mankind. In fact, it’s so sublime that it goes a step toward erasing all my horrible memories (read: permanent brain scars) of Laguna Beach, The Hills, Jersey Shore, the last 10 years or so of The Real World, Road Rules and all related spinoffs, any and all dating shows (including but not limited to Date My Mom, NEXT, and Bus Full Of Weirdos Making Out), Cheyenne, that Ashley Simpson show, the show with her older sister on it, the one where Wilmer Valderama stands next to people making “yo mama” jokes, the show where MTV dangles a camera from a fishing line in the middle of a trashy mall food court until 12 episodes worth of footage has been captured, edits down said footage with quick, jumpy cuts, and slaps some MGMT music on top of it, oh – and Tila Tequila. Come to think about it, it’s very, very small step.

But seriously – DARIA! Don’t call me for a week, I’m going to be in a coma on the couch with these DVDs playing back-to-back.

Oh, and read this write-up from TheFader’s Art + Culture blog. They really say it best.