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Review: King of the Beach

It’s the dog days of summer and King of the Beach is its soundtrack! Here’s an extended review from this month’s issue:


There is a clear indication that bands like Wavves and Best Coast are introducing a new regional sound. King of the Beach is an eclectic mix to say the least, and is not all that surprising if you’ve heard anything about Nathan Williams. The album’s cleaned up production quality has stripped away some of the signature fuzz, leaving tracks like “Idiot” and “Super Soaker” transparent to Williams’ Blink-182 influences. It’s fun and even sincere, but by the time we arrive at the more experimental, Beach Boys-like sounds of “When Will You Come”, it is clear that this is the direction that Wavves was meaning to take. “Take On The World” evokes the spirit of Kurt Cobain, and tracks like “Convertible Balloon” and “Mickey Mouse” exercise your serotonin levels like a gram of mushrooms. The mixture of influences is powerful for King of the Beach can especially be appreciated for its variety and genre melding.