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SXSW Party Patrol Comes Bearing Gifts

On the eve of what’s sure to be a kickass week filled with music and debauchery, Sundae Magazine presents a list of parties and after parties to check out during SXSW. We told you yesterday about the Brooklyn Vegan parties, and now that we’ve whet your whistle, we won’t leave you hanging. We implore you to use the buddy system, though: There’s a good chance you won’t be sleeping in your own hotel room for a while.


3/16  Terrorbird Media/Force Field PR

4th Annual Day Party

@ Red 7, Noon-6pm. FREE.

See Toro Y Moi, Screaming Females, Violens + more.


3/18 Sub Pop Official SXSW Showcase

@ Red 7, 8pm-until…

See Jaill, Dum Dum Girls,

Papercuts + more.


3/19  Polyvinyl Official SXSW Showcase

@ The Parish, 8pm-until…

21 +. Wristband Required. Some tickets available at door.

See STRFKR, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin,

Casiokids + more.


3/20 Panache Hangover Party

@ Beerland, 11:30am-8pm. FREE.

See Pujol, Dominque Young Unique, Wise Blood + more.


Oh, Hey — They’re Gonna Have Free Booze!

Alright, that was a cheap shot, but we had to get your attention. SXSW officially kicks off this week, and nothing is more satisfying than witnessing the buzz bands of tomorrow, today. And it won’t hurt to do it after you scored some free hooch, courtesy of a lengthy list of sponsors that we will spare you here (but keeping reading if you really wanna know). But perhaps the real allure is derived from the official SXSW parties, after parties, and AFTER AFTER parties, featuring your favorite bands, free swag, and/or public nudity (if you’re so lucky). This week we did all the legwork to find the best in festival day ragers (many of them free!), so all you gotta do is show and and try not to get arrested. Stay tuned all this week for updates!

Let’s kick it off with the Brooklyn Vegan & M for Montreal Party. Vegans, fake vegans, and carnivores will unite for an impressive music line-up and conscious eats. Oh, and free vodka.

Image courtesy Brooklyn Vegan

WHAT: Saturday, March 19: Brooklyn Vegan & M for Montreal Day Party

TIME: Noon-6 p.m.

$$: FREE

Swag: (Re-posted from


12:00 PM New Moods
01:00 PM Oh Land
2:00 PM Austra
3:00 PM Little Scream
4:00 PM Owen Pallett
5:00 PM Braids

STAGE 2 (Barbarella main stage)
12:00 PM Baths
1:00 PM Misteur Valaire
2:00 PM !!!
3:00 PM Trail of Dead
4:00 PM Mount Kimbie
5:00 PM Daedelus
HOSTED BY: the cast of Workaholics
DJs: Ramesh (of Voxtrot) & 70’s Bush

STAGE 3 (Barbarella small stage)
12:00 PM Bass Drum of Death
12:45 PM Adventure
1:30 PM Versus
2:30 PM Malajube
3:15 PM Suuns
4:00 PM Weekend
5:00 PM PS I Love You






A Thanksgiving solution for the most devout cupcake lover

Photo courtesy of


Raise your hand if this scenario applies to you: it’s Thanksgiving and you’re at the dining room table with your entire family. You just finished digesting all of your turkey and mashed potatoes. It’s almost time to fully enter your food coma. All that’s missing is the final stage: desert. Yet, you sense a weird feeling of dread as you watch the table fill with lumpy pies and gelatin molds that hold captive helpless bits of nondescript…fruit, maybe? Desert is supposed to be the best part of the meal, yet where is the literal icing on your cake?!

Lucky for you, the kind people at innovative blog have created a solution to satisfy both the sweetest tooth and Thanksgiving enthusiasts. Behold – Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes. These treats hold pumpkin pie filling within a traditional vanilla cupcake, topped off with a generous heaping of cinnamon cream-cheese frosting. Pie-filled cupcakes? I think we can all give thanks for that. While you’re checking out the recipe, feel free to take a look at some of their other cupcake-filled suggestions, as well. Nutella-filled cupcakes? Yes please!


Yeasayer, Washed Out, Oh My!

When I first moved to Savannah, Georgia, I figured the music scene was going to be incredible with the hoards of young music listeners at every corner and coffee shop. But, alas, I was wrong, until a couple of days ago when Washed Out and Yeasayer pretty much negated the belief that Savannah couldn’t cultivate a music scene. Washed Out was up first and Ernest Greene delivered. Hailing from both South Carolina and Georgia, these southern fellas were extremely grateful and their synth-pop, sort of fuzzy-vinyl sounds were a great way to warm the crowd up. It happened to be Greene’s birthday and the front two rows of the crowd belted out an enthusiastic “Happy Birthday,” while he took a video on his iPhone.

Although Washed Out exceeded my expectations and confirmed me (and the crowd) as a fan, Yeasayer is what we were anxiously waiting for. The lights went off and three pillars on stage were lit red, an obvious choice for their first song “Madder Red.”  Anand Wilder woo-ed us all with his pajama pants while Chris Keating kept the crowd moving. “Tightrope” and “Grizelda” were especially beautiful. Every song was woven together perfectly like a well-written novel until both the climax and dénouement: “O.N.E.” and “Ambling Alp”. Pics Below — see more on our facebook page here!

— Frances

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Yeasayer Set List:

Madder red


Wait For the Summer


Red cave




Strange Reunions


Ambling Alp.


The Children


He’s SO Gorgeous!

I can’t hide it: I love Gregory Gorgeous! He’s got legions of followers (nearly 50,000 subscribers on YouTube!), killer confidence, and homeboy can ROCK some stilettos. And he’s one bad (…watch your mouth!)

He emerged on YouTube ( sharing make-up tutorials and giving advice, but these days you can catch him as a guest correspondent on MTV’s “The After Show”.

He’s a star to watch and he shared his secrets to success with us! See the exclusive interview in the new issue of Sundae Magazine on June 1st at!

Until then, check out some behind-the-scenes bloopers from his video homage to Lady Gaga’s “Speechless”.

It ain’t easy being gorgeous…

Daria Arrives on DVD

Hey MTV, thanks for finally releasing the complete series of Daria on DVD. This is, in all serious, a momentous occasion and a glorious gift unto mankind. In fact, it’s so sublime that it goes a step toward erasing all my horrible memories (read: permanent brain scars) of Laguna Beach, The Hills, Jersey Shore, the last 10 years or so of The Real World, Road Rules and all related spinoffs, any and all dating shows (including but not limited to Date My Mom, NEXT, and Bus Full Of Weirdos Making Out), Cheyenne, that Ashley Simpson show, the show with her older sister on it, the one where Wilmer Valderama stands next to people making “yo mama” jokes, the show where MTV dangles a camera from a fishing line in the middle of a trashy mall food court until 12 episodes worth of footage has been captured, edits down said footage with quick, jumpy cuts, and slaps some MGMT music on top of it, oh – and Tila Tequila. Come to think about it, it’s very, very small step.

But seriously – DARIA! Don’t call me for a week, I’m going to be in a coma on the couch with these DVDs playing back-to-back.

Oh, and read this write-up from TheFader’s Art + Culture blog. They really say it best.