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BEAUTY ALERT: The perfect fall nail polish

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When the days get shorter and Starbucks starts brewing pumpkin spice lattes, that can only mean one thing: fall is here. Even the most dedicated beach babes must give in and hang up their bikinis as cardigan weather fully hits. And just as your wardrobe needs a makeover now, so do your nails! Say your tearful goodbyes to the lavenders and seafoam greens of summer, and whats up to the muted, sophisticated tones of the fall.

Not sure where to turn? Lucky for you, Chanel (who else?) has created the perfect fall color for 2010, with their Paradoxal varnish. When you hold that coveted square glass bottle in your hands, feel free to be a little skeptical. On first glance, the gray polish with purple iridescence seems a little more cheap than chic. Yet, when it’s actually on, Paradoxal seems to solve that magical …paradox of the perfect blend between purple and gray. The subdued, but fun polish will match perfectly with the neutral tones of your fall wardrobe, while still giving off a sense of whimsy.  Best of all, just one coat gives a perfectly saturated layer, so one jar will last throughout a whole season of pumpkin carving, pecan pies, and falling leaves.


The Best Chanel Dupe…EVER!

What do supermodels have that you don’t? Million dollar endorsement deals? Movie star boyfriends? Alright, we non-glamazonians live more practically, but at least we can score the same nail polish!

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in Particulière

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in Particulière is that mushroom-meets lavender nail polish made infamous by models gliding down the Spring 2010 runways. The bad news is that the luxe lacquer is a limited edition ( i.e. sold out everywhere unless you’re willing to drop $200 for a bottle on eBay).

The good news? We positively found a dupe that’s to die for! Enter Rimmel London Lasting Finish Pro Nail Enamel, in Steel Grey (3.99,; click here to see a swatch). BONUS: It’s formulated to stand up to 10 days of hand-washing, text messaging, guitar-picking, and even your kick boxing class on Thursdays.

I’m on day three and no chips in sight!

Now, about those endorsement deals…