Fashion’s Night Out Weekend Wrap-Up

Sundae Magazine Intern Lauren spills all the deets from Fashion’s Night Out in Philadelphia

On Friday, September 10, fashionistas around the globe celebrated fashion with some seriously chic soirees. The second annual Fashion’s Night Out extravaganza popped up in dozens of cities across the United States, promising drinks, celebs and haute couture – and oh, did it deliver.

Some notable New York City fetes included karaoke with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen at Henri Bendel’s, Gwen Stefani greeting fans and signing perfume bottles at Sephora, and the always fashionable Metric performing a surprise set inside Juicy Couture.

Sounds awesome, right? For those of us stranded in the suburbs of Philadelphia, the King of Prussia Mall hosted a bash that provided enough swag and, most importantly, stores to keep even the most hardcore fashionistas satisfied (it is, of course, the largest shopping mall on the East Coast!).

While there were no Anna Wintour sightings in the food court, the King of Prussia Mall did make the night more than a just a typical trip to the mall. Throughout the evening a cornucopia of entertainment was provided, including a classy violinist outside of Nordstrom and an oddly placed (not to mention, excessively loud) skinny-jeans and Converse-clad emo band that drew a crowd of rambunctious mallrats.

However, the Pièce de résistance had to be the fashion show set up outside of Bloomingdales, intended to emulate the FNO kickoff presentation that happened on Wednesday night in New York City. As expected, the Bloomie’s show drew a massive pack of spectators and celebrated this season’s must-have pieces.

Afterwards, shoppers were free to hit individual stores for special deals. Most stores kept the night bumpin’ with an in-house DJ spinning the latest Ke$ha techno remix, coaxing customers into buying that extra pair of skinny cargo pants. (Fine, I’ll admit it. It worked!)

Many stores promised free food and drinks, though most ran out very early in the evening – yeah, I’m calling you out, Michael Kors.  I want a rain check on those cupcakes!

However, attendees didn’t let the shortage of cubed cheddar on a toothpick get them down. The occasion gave us all an excuse to get gussied up, even if the only cameras flashing were the ones from our own cell phones.

Check out these particularly well-dressed girls I spotted getting their FNO on:

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