Venice is Sinking

When Venice is Sinking popped into Savannah about a month ago, we went to see them on a whim, not having heard many songs. By the end of the night, though, we were captivated, staying up well past our bedtime to hear them finish their set.

The band’s newest album, Sand & Lines, was recorded at the landmark Georgia Theatre in Athens, Ga. Since then, the Theatre has burned down, but the album remains as a testament not only to what this one band can do (which is a thing to behold in and of itself), but to the quality of music coming out of the collaborative scene in the college town.

For the band, their time spent recording Sand & Lines was a decided departure from their previous album, AZAR, which was created on weekend trips to a studio in Charlotte, South Carolina. Recorded in the empty theatre in their hometown, using only two mics and with musicians spread across the space, Sand & Lines is a haunting album that’s almost disarmingly honest at times.

We’ll have a full Q&A with the band in July’s issue of Sundae. But in the meantime, check out “Falls City” off Sand & Lines:

Falls City by Venice is Sinking

And if you’re in Savannah, come out to the Co-Laboratory (631 East Broad) tonight around 8:00 to see them, Little Tybee and Adron for yourself. Just $6!

— Cam


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