SNEAK PEEK: Film School Reveal Tracks, Cover Art from New Album

It’s been ten years since Film School first formed, and in that time, a whole lot has transpired. From the critical success of 2007’s Hideout to the grueling tour schedule that ensued. To having all their gear stolen to breaking up, and even severing their five-year ties with their record company. Even through such erratic happenstance, the band emerges anew with Fission . Expect more melodic interplay between vocalist Greg Bertens and bassist Lorelei Plotczyk that begins with opening track “Heart Full Of Pentagons,” and streams through the album’s fuzzy guitars, tambourine accents and jangly rhythms. “There were tons of ideas and melodies floating around the rehearsal room, including some amazing full songs being brought in,” Bertens says. “I could tell this was going to be a totally different kind of album for Film School and I wanted to get out of the way and let it happen.”

You’ve still got a few months before Fission, drops on July 20.

Here’s a look at the track listings:

1- Heart Full Of Pentagons
2- When I’m Yours
3- Time To Listen
4- Waited
5- Meet Around 10
6- Direct
7- Still Might
8- Distant Life
9- Sunny Day
10- Bones
11- Nothings Mine
12- Find You Out



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