Animal Collective Get Even More Trippy in ODDSAC

The horrifying and sinister undertones in Animal Collective’s music tend to be overlooked by many fans. Luckily for them, ODDSAC , the band’s psychotropic foray into film, brings all the dread and horror to forefront. The moment ODDSAC’s first scene of tar floods and glitter/fire beings crept on the screen, it was clear director Danny Perez was once again able to capture Animal Collective’s more fun, horror-tinged musical ingredients (see his video for “Who Can Win A Rabbit” to get a taste).

ODDSAC shifts through morphing visuals and dark storylines- a family camping is suffocated by their marshmallows and attacked by a somber vampire. A group of young women baking is scolded by the glitter being from the first scene and then erupt into a series of food fights. The music is erratic and suspenseful, but maintains a certain sensation of “fun horror”. The abstract visuals burn and scatter across the screen like electric spasms, with gobs of color and incoherent chatter. ODDSAC propels a certain sense of obstruction and internal struggle, but it is definitely a fun ride. No word yet on when the soundtrack will be released, although some of it has been leaked. Be on the lookout for the DVD and iTunes release June 29th.

Until then, check out the trailer below:

— Alisha


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